Sunday, March 4, 2012


Your first blog entry takes as much first impressions skills as it does having your first job interviews. No matter how important are the things you have to share, the key is thinking about how you share them.

Maybe that kind of thought is what kept me so long from writing my first note. Call it fear or maybe just procrastination, the truth is, the problem was never “
what to write about” but rather “how to write it”. I guess my "how" will improve with time, but for now let me tell you "what" I will write about.

This blog is about global citizenship, inter identitary and intercultural relationships, intercultural and intereligious conflict management and peacemaking in plural contexts. The topics that will be discussed are international politics; ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity, social constructions about the world and our life values (cosmovisions) and how those constructions affect the way handle certain situations and how we act towards others.

This is an open blog, anyone may find it interesting, but I have a feeling that it will be even more appealing to people who have studied or are studying Politic Science, International Relations, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology or any other Comparative Social Studies; people who have grown in multicultural scenarios or even frequent world travelers who despite living in diverse contexts (or maybe because of it), still have many questions and unconcluded ideas.

It is my desire that what is shared here will help you think and re-think about your own interpretations of life and its values, contributing thus to form a critical open mind that is willing to learn from the “different” and find things in common rather than emphasize the differences.


  1. Hello Adaia
    a suggestion
    You could write some articles in Spanish

  2. Estoy de acuerdo con lo que opina Claudia; si sos argentina o vivís en Argentina sería bueno favorecer primero a tus connacionales y escribir en castellano (lo prefiero al idioma español).

    Y apuntar a aquellos que no estudiaron Relaciones Internacionales, Sociología, Antropología, etc. Porque los que están estudiando ya saben estas cosas, por causa de sus materias que cursan.

    De esta manera, el conocimiento se expande y no queda reservado a un pequeño grupo.

    Pienso que así se cumplirá mejor lo de 'Relaciones Internacionales', contactándose con muchos más, intercambiando opiniones y contestando las preguntas de aquellos que, por vivir en diversos contextos, tienen preguntas aun sin resolver.

    Por otro lado, te felicito por intentar hacerlo.

    1. Marcos, Lamentablemente el Ingles es el idioma Global. vallas donde vallas en cualquier continente se habla ingles.
      El blog no esta apuntado solo a aquellos que estudian ciertas carreras pero es mas probable que dichas personas se interesen mas en este tipos de temas, como los deportistas se interesarian en un blog de deportes y los musicos en un blog de musica.

      En cuanto al conociemiento! cualquiera que desee expandir su conocimiento deberia comenzar por aprender a hablar ingles! como te comente al principio las mayores fuentes de conociemientos estan en el idioma ingles.

  3. I stumbled on your blog very randomly today, and gasped when I realized that I know your sister! I'm an Indo TCK, too. (: I also studied IR and have a passion for the things you seem to care very much about -- keep at it! We need more writers like you.

  4. Wow! Thank you so much! Well make sure you next entry is coming soon, I'm finishing it right now and it's about the current "muslim rage" and the anti-US protests in the muslim world. Thank you for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it!